Tom DeLonge’s 700-Page Book on the Existence of Aliens


Depending on where you live on the “the-truth-is-out-there” spectrum, former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge may be (a) a kindred spirit: or (b) total crackpot. In the past, he’s claimed that shady government forces have tapped his communications because of his intimate knowledge of the existence of aliens. Now he’s ready to blow the lid off the cover-up with a new novel.

Okay, so it’s a work of fiction, but Chasing Shadows (written with mystery novelist A.J. Hartley and set for publication tomorrow) is based on what Tom believes to be reality. The storyline, characters and events are (allegedly) lightly fictionalized versions of The Real Thing based on material found in highly confidential documents in his possession. Here’s what he told GQ:

The way we approached it in the novel is by creating five fictional characters that interweave with each other’s lives. Throughout their stories we placed interludes that are real events that really happened. The stories of all these characters, the events, the places, the major pieces of information that unravel are all true. You have to read this and know that anything that’s pointedly put out within the arcs of these characters is all there for a reason. It’s not made up.

There’s a character who as a teenager is a prisoner of war in Germany, and he sees the Germans working on something in a mine. That’s a real mine, they were working on something, and they really did smuggle it out after World War II and continued to work on it long after the war. [Ed. note: He’s referring to Die Glocke, or The Bell, a rumored Nazi “Wonder Weapon” with supernatural capabilities.] There’s another interlude where these UFOs show up over a nuclear weapons facility and turn off the missiles. Before they turned off, they turned them on and the missiles started getting ready to launch one by one. That’s a true story. I was told straight to my face by somebody about that event and the ramifications of it and what the intent was when those missiles started turning on.

Read the whole interview here.

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