TODAY is the first-ever Canadian Music T-Shirt Day. What/who are you going to wear?

You can see the appeal of a national day where people across the land don their favourite music-related T-shirts in a show of support and solidarity for artists. Britain has its Wear a Band T-Shirt to Work Day while in Australia has something similar. Now the concept has finally come to Canada.

The first-ever Canadian Music T-Shirt Day is set for tomorrow (how extra casual Casual Friday!). We’re being asked to wear merch from our favourite Canadian artists. If you don’t have anything presentable, your other option is to buy some merch. (More on that in a second.) Hashtags are #cndmusictshirtday and #ForTheLoveOfLIVE.

Once you’ve picked your tee, take a selfie and post it on social media. It would also be rather grand if you made a donation to the Unison Fund, which helps out Canadian musicians who have fallen on hard times.

The official website links to dozens and dozens of online merch shops: Arcade Fire, GloriousSons, Tokyo Police Club, Monowhales, July Talk, PUP, Tragically Hip, Alexisonfire, The list goes on and on.

Wardrobe for tomorrow? Sorted.

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4 thoughts on “TODAY is the first-ever Canadian Music T-Shirt Day. What/who are you going to wear?

  • Don’t need to ask me twice to wear a band shirt to work. I wonder what the boss will think?

    Now do I go with a classic Sons of Freedom or Monster Voodoo Machine shirt? Or a more modern Danko Jones shirt?


  • I think we should have an international music t-shirt day. I’m certainly not American-inclined in my musical leanings. And, of course, now I want to go pull stats but that is a rabbit hole for another day where I have plenty of hours in front of me; perhaps Saturday – we’ve got a potential heatwave coming in.

    Not that every day isn’t already music t-shirt day for me. Very few of my t-shirts in my constant rotation aren’t band shirts. I do still wear my ‘world on fire’ support your independent venues etc shirts, a few for restaurants, a few for act up, a few for venues, one for top gear and then the rest are for artists/bands but heavily skewed towards the UK and a handful of other countries over the States. I’m not sure how I land on the Canadian side of things. A few country artists I know are Canadian. Man, I really want to do those stats. I think I’m going to incorporate that into my tags for my music project. I’ve only just started the big ‘do-over- on the tag front. Must incorporate that…

    Oh, I did a quick metager search and they didn’t find any equivalent for an American version which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    In Solidarity, I will look and see if I have anything from DOA or Subhumans. Per Wiki, I think that’s about as close as I’m going to find in my t-shirt collection.

  • Nickelback of course. All the way!

  • Proudly wearing my Rush R40 tour shirt that I bought six years ago today when I saw their second last ever show in Irvine California.


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