Top Google Searches In Canada For 2017

As year end list mania gets underway in earnest, Google has released their top searches for Canada for 2017. Always interesting and often with a few surprises, it’s always worth spend a little time on trends.

I was a bit surprised that Gord Downie didn’t top the “Losses” list.


1) Tom Petty
2) Chris Cornell
3) Bill Paxton
4) Gord Downie
5) Chester Bennington
6) Hugh Hefner
7) Roy Halladay
8) Lil Peep
9) David Cassidy
10) Aaron Hernandez

For musicians overall:

1) Neil Young
2) Ed Sheeran
3) Shania Twain
4) Ariana Grande
5) Lil Pump
6) Cardi B
7) Luis Fonsi
8) Jason Aldean
9) Aaron Carter
10) Sam Smith

Gord Downie did make it close to the top in the Canadian News department:

Canadian News
1) Ottawa Senators
2) Gord Downie
3) Solar Eclipse
4) BC Election
5) The Weather
6) Ontario College Strike
7) BC Wildfires
8) Grey Cup
9) Invictus Games
10) Instant Pot

Memes are such a thing they naturally get their own list:

1) Cash Me Outside Memes
2) United Airlines Memes
3) Donald Trump Memes
4) Joe Biden Memes
5) It (The Movie) Memes
6) Game of Thrones Memes
7) Stranger Things Memes
8) Salt Bae Memes
9) Tom Brady Memes
10) May The 4th Memes

There’s lots more to see here.

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