Top Ten Music Videos To Make You Laugh & Smile (on the net)

With all the darkness of winter and the snow and the cold, I think it’s time for some laughter don’t you?  The following is a list of comedic music videos found around the net. There’s a good chance I’ll do lists based upon the various genres represented here (music videos without music, literal music videos) but I think we need a some variety in our comedy this time so think of this as a greatest hits package. Here are the Top Ten Music Videos To Make You Laugh & Smile (on the net)!

10) Psychosocial Baby (Slipknot / Bieber mash-up)

The only thing about Bieber that I remotely like. The artist who put this together did a great job of mixing the two songs together.

9) Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim

Christopher Walken. Dancing and doing acrobatics. If this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will… because you’re probably a robot.

8) Abuquerque (as done by Breaking Bad)

I amazed this didn’t get more traction with Breaking Bad madness. Someone took this great epic of a Weird Al song and cut Breaking Bad to it… and it pretty much works.

7) Reading Rainbow via The Doors (and Jimmy Fallon)

A spot on Doors parody singing a childhood classic. Jimmy Fallon has some obvious musical talent and in conjunction with his comedic abilities and the talents of his backing band, The Roots, all Jimmy Fallon musical parodies are worth a gander.

6) Henry Rollin on Iggy Pop

Henry has been doing spoken word / comedy for years and I find his version of Iggy Pop dead on and amazingly funny.

5) Danger Zone (Archer)

If you watch Archer, this makes perfect sense and you find it hilarious. If you don’t… start watching Archer.

4) The Prodigy – Firestarter (without music version)

Take one ridiculous music video, get rid of 99% of the music parts and add sound effects and you get this. Simple but effective, for some reason I just love the sound of the shoes shuffling around.

3) The Andrew WK Workout

I’m currently in the midst of trying to get rid of my gut and let me tell you, the Andrew WK Workout has resulted in me accidentally punching a lot of things… I’m no longer allowed to do it indoors.

2) Hips Don’t Lie (Danzig /Shakira)

I have no idea who did the Danzig part in this mash up / parody but you’d almost think that it was Danzig… except that would mean Danzig would have to not take himself seriously for five minutes. Unfortunately the version that was subtitled for the Danzig impaired seems to have disappeared from the net.

1) Total Eclipse of The Heart (literal version)

This has been circulating for a few years now but it makes me laugh, EVERY SINGLE TIME! What does it is the line, Arther Fonzarelli’s got an army of clones, BRILLIANT!

Now is the time for everyone to join in. Post your laughing, smiling, music videos down below, lets get rid of those winter blahs shall we?
















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