Top Ten Song About School

By Brent Chittenden

We are upon the last long weekend of the summer and for many this weekend means the last few days of freedom before the start of the school year. With that in mind, here is our top ten list of songs about school, teachers, classes and the drama that goes on n the halls. Please not, we’ve omitted Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” from the list because it’s kind of cruel to put it on there for those off to school, don’t you think?

10) The Replacements – Fuck School

Kind of self explanatory, ain’t it?

9) Detones – Back to School

A lot of people, including the band, dislike this track but for me, it reminds me a lot of high school and college.

8) Beach Boys – Be True To Your School

A true classic about school pride.

7) The Smiths – The Headmaster Ritual

Not exactly a ringing endoresement for the educational system of Manchester.

6) The Ramones – Rock N’ Roll High School

Probably one of the best high schools ever. I kind of imagine that Iggy Pop is the headmaster.

5) Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (pt 2)

 Apparently the English school system was just as bad in Roger Waters’ day as it was in Morrisey’s.

4) The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Sting denies that this song about an English school teacher and his student has anything to do with him despite the fact he was a teacher at an all girls school.

3) Van Halen – Hot For Teacher

I think I only ever had two teachers that would fit this song.

2) Rough Trade – High School Confidential

Probably one of the most accurate depictions of high school hallway life.

1) Chuck Berry – School Days

How can you not include this song? Sure it might be a little dated but in the right context, this could be a great wake up song for Tuesday morning.


What did I miss dear readers? Place you votes in the comment section below!




Brent Chittenden

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