Top Ten Songs Over 7 Minutes Long (Modern / New Rock Version)

Rolling Stone recently did a list of the 50 Best Songs Over 7 minutes long and to be fair, it’s a solid list. But they refuse to name names ans say which ones are the best. I however, don’t mind telling you who my favorite is. And honestly, I also think they missed a few. So to narrow it down further, I’m excluding classic rock from this list (however, I’m going to do a classic rock version in the future) This list is made up of epics. Of songs that disprove that the idea of anything over 3 minutes is too long. These are the songs of bands who know how to build songs with some girth, these are the Top Ten Songs Over 7 Minutes Long (New Rock version)

10) Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love (1992 version 7:42)

Now, I did pick the non single version of the song but other then the radio edit single, all versions of “Temple of Love” are over seven minutes long. The Sisters usually get lumped into the goth category but with songs like this and their work with Jim Steinman, they became a dark almost theatrical act.

9) Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasuredome (13:38)

Combine rock, dance and theatrics, “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” is an astounding track and is way more awesome then Relax for which the band is better known for.

8) Metallica – One (7:27)

In an album filled with longer songs (of the nine tracks on …And Justice For All, only two are shorter then six and a half minutes), “One” is a standout. Built around the story of a solider losing his limbs, sight and hearing but with his mind still intact, Metallica works a slow build into a frantic, break neck thrash metal song.

7) LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends (7:37)

I was really late to the LCD Soundsystem party as I only recently clued into them and the first song I heard was this one and DAMN! It’s instantly catchy and sticks with you. It feels like it should be party of movie trailers but only trailers to really good indie films about relationships.

6) Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (9:36)

The anthem for goths far and wide, Bauhaus created incredible atmosphere with this track and it has become their trademark tune. One of the things that I find interesting is that the original studio recording (shown above) which is kind of hard to come by these days, tends to be longer then the live version which is unusual for most rock bands.

5) The Cure – From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea (7:44)

Rolling Stone’s list points to “Pictures of You”, which is a song I love but for my money, The Cure’s better long form track is “From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea” which is just an epic of Cure melancholy. It also serves as a great live track (usually going 8 to 10 mins) with plenty of room to move around and just sweep the crowd up in the grandeur of the tune.

4) Kraftwerk – Autbahn (22:11)

At over 22 minutes long, “Autobahn” may seem a little daunting at first but it a track that you really get into as your listening to it, especially if you are driving at the sametime… as long as the highway is clear. Stuck in traffic, this song might be a little maddening.

3) New Order – Blue Monday (7:29)

From the ashes of gothy rock band Joy Division rose… a dance rock group? New Order not only became more popular then their original outfit but they brought club music back to the masses. “Blue Monday” was an incredible hit and in probably the biggest selling 12 inch of all time.  Initially developed as a sequenced music track to leave the stage to and replace an encore (so the band could get to the all important partying aspect of touring), it became their biggest track.

2) Tool – Vicarious (7:06)

One of the things Rolling Stone’s list is missing is Tool and since the last couple of albums have a number of songs clocking in over seven minutes, I went with my favourite and the one that best stands by itself. Vicarious builds into an epic climax of musicianship.

1) Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns (8:20)

Originally beginning life as two separate songs, they have since merged to become this one amazing track from Mother Love Bone who (as many of you will know) had a few members go on to become Pearl Jam. Probably the best song of Mother Love Bone’s all too short catalog, it’s just a beautiful mixture of grace and grunge.

Alrighty, that’s my list of top ten songs over seven minutes (modern edition). Next week, we’ll go more of a classic rock route. In the meantime, what did I leave of this list? Post your suggestions in the comments below!





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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Songs Over 7 Minutes Long (Modern / New Rock Version)

  • If ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ isn’t on that list I’ll…*clicks lin*

    You got lucky this time, Cross.

    • Brent Chittenden writes these Friday top 10 lists. If Cross had posted it, I Am the Resurrection by The Stone Roses would have been on here.

  • Black Metallic by Catherine Wheel?

  • Here are a few good ones. I excluded any metal, post metal, or post-rock instrumental groups for the sake of streamlining.

    Drown – Smashing Pumpkins
    Faded – The Afghan Whigs
    Three Days – Jane’s Addiction
    Like Suicide – Soundgarden
    I Think I’m In Love – Spiritualized
    Leave Them All Behind – Ride
    The Cedar Room – Doves
    I Will Sing You Songs – My Morning Jacket
    Lost Verses – Sun Kil Moon
    Getting Bright At Night – The Icarus Line
    Christmas Song – Medicine
    First Wave Down – Secret Machines
    April – Monstro
    Good Morning Captain – Slint
    Feel – Verve


    • Never heard that before! It’s wonderful. Thanks!

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  • I Know It’s Over – The Smiths (off the Rank album (best version));

  • All My Friends is great, but really, Losing My Edge is not only the best long song from LCD, it could easily be the only song on this list.

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  • Green Day Home Coming And Jesus Of Surbubia


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