Top Ten Worst Sport Rock Stars

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I’m not really a hockey guy (which I know as a Canadian is somehow wrong) but I do enjoy some sports.

I was raised on baseball and over the years I’ve become a fan of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and I’ve been a life-long fan of the athletic spectacle that is professional wrestling. But much like actors, sports celebs like to try out other jobs and music is no exception. There have been a ton of sports celebs and athletes over the years who have made albums and singles. Most of which have been terrible. So, without further ado, The Top Ten Worst Sport Rock Stars!

10) Shaquille O’Neil – Rapper

Basketball great Shaq released four hip-hop albums. Let that sink in. Four! Not only that, he appeared on a Michael Jackson tune as well.


9) The Flutie Brothers Band

NFL and CFL great Doug Flutie plays drums in a band with his brother CFL great Darren Flutie playing guitar. They aren’t horrible as far as bar bands go.


8) Oscar Del La Hoya – Pop Singer

Remember when Rick Martin and Skeletor–I mean Marc Anthony, were popular and suddenly there was that “latin” explosion of singers? Well, boxer Oscar Del La Hoya saw that and said “Me too!” To be fair, he brought on Diane Warren and the Bee Gees and the album got nominated for a Grammy.


7) Dion Sanders – Rapper

Dion Sanders was one of the very few duel athletes of his time playing in both the NFL and MLB and having a decent run at both and the end was better at football than baseball. Dion also gave rapping a shot and even appeared on MC Hammer’s track “Straight to My Feet” from the soundtrack to the Van Damme film, Street Fighter.  Maybe Dion would rather forget that one.


6) Roy Jones Jr – Rapper

I put this up with a little fear as I’m sure Roy Jones Jr can beat me up very quickly and multiple times before I hit the ground. But I have to be honest. Roy! DMX called!  He wants his sound back!


5) The 1985 Chicago Bears (tied) – “The Superbowl Shuffle”

Imagine this. You are in the 1985 Chicago Bears. You show up to practice. You end up doing this! How would you feel?


5) William “The Refrigerator” Perry (tied) – Rapper

Apparently The Fridge took “The Superbowl Shuffle” and said “I can do better than that on my own!” You be the judge.


4) AWA Wrestlers –” Wrestlerock Rumble”

Someone at the AWA saw that Chicago Bears video and said to themselves, “I’ve got a great idea. It’s like The Superbowl Shuffle but with our wrestlers!” No. Not a great idea.


3) Don Cherry – “Rock ’em Sock ’em Techno”

Words cannot do this justice. Grapes owes the world an apology for this. [Yes. But I don’t think one is forthcoming. – AC]


2) Jesse “The Body” Ventura – “Eve of Destruction”

Before he told you about the 9-11 conspiracies and before he was governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura was “The Body”, a pro wrestler that was a prototype for Hulk Hogan. He also released this on his own label.  [Jesse Ventura, indie rocker! – AC]


1) Guy Lafleur – Disco Superstar

One of the greatest players ever to hit the ice, in the 70’s Guy Lafleur released a disco album in English and French. The main track is essentially spoken word hockey tips over disco beats.

Anything missing?  Please let us know.

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  • What about Kobe Bryant? K.O.B.E. This one was far from a slam dunk!!!!

  • I'm pretty sure Metta World Peace dabbled in an ill-advised rap career.


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