Top Ten WTF Videos of 2013

If you regularly come to this website, you’ll know that we get sent and post a number of videos that simply put, make all of us go “What      The F*CK?”  Last year we decided to put together a list of all these videos. About three weeks later, I came out of a coma. This time I have taken some measures against a full brain melt down and I’d advise you, go through this post with caution. Don’t watch all of the videos in one sitting. Because if you do, I am not responsible for the damage that your mind and soul take from the following ten videos.

10) Henry Rollins Gets Advice From RuPaul

Not a typo, not a figment of your imagination, this video was made. Rollins, one of the godfathers of hardcore and alternative music, getting advice from the queen of… well… drag queens.

9) My Name Is John Daker

Best church service… ever.

8) Russian Breakdancing Gas Station

In Russia, you don’t just pump gas, you dance on the roof of a car that will probably quit four miles out from the station. But at least the roof is sturdy.

7) Sukoshi – I Don’t Go Out

Is it a music video or is the video you find in someone’s house after forty bodies have been dug up in their backyard, you decide.

6) Mr. Immortal Jellyfish Man

An interesting story but here’s the coles notes. This guy cares for a group of jellyfish in Japan. He also likes karaoke… a lot. Neither piece of information makes this video make anymore sense.

5) Gojira Grannies

So… grannies working out to Gojira… in chairs… okay…

4) Death Metal Chicken

In other news, I’m pretty sure I saw the chicken headlining a German metal festival.

3) Hot Chicks Eat Food To Dub Step

Alie Layus is a dj who appeared in the Latin American version of Playboy. For some reason she made this video of herself and other hot women, eating and smashing food into themselves. If this is you thing, I won’t judge you but don’t you wish she had done this to some better music?

2) Old Asian Ladies Singing Lady Gaga

This video is both awesome and scary at the same time but the most amazing part

1) Superchunk – Staying Home video

I have… no words.

Your turn! Feel free to post the links to WTF music videos in the comments below!





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