Toronto’s Tunezy Tries to Apply Crowdfunding for a Record Label

Tunezy, a Toronto start-up, is attempting to reliably harvest social media and gamification to help discover and fund music.  Their basic currency is called “notes.”  

Here’s CEO Derrick Fung (via Nibletz)

Tunezy is a Music Experience Marketplace – a place where Independent Musicians and their fans come together to amplify their connections with one another. We have a virtual currency on the site, called “Notes”, powered by how engaged fans are, and the unique experiences musicians offer on Tunezy. It’s been a fantastic 7 month journey so far, having just launched Public Beta and being featured in numerous media articles, segments, and events. You can learn more about the site first hand by signing up at

Tunezy’s uniqueness stems from four major competitive advantages:

i. Our Notes system provides a new way for users to support their favourite Musicians, and for Musicians to extract value from the attention of their Fans

ii. Our focus on Independent Musicians means they are no longer drowned out by Top 40 music

iii. Our design and interface is superior and more conducive to how a user actually thinks when they are searching for new music

iv. Our model creates an engagement level between Musicians and Fans that does not exist on any other site

A very unique characteristic of Tunezy is that Fans get 360-degree validation of their support. How cool would it be to know that the Musician you supported ended up getting studio time, or a licensing deal because of your contribution? This is the type of engagement our site offers users.

Finally, the discovery experience on Tunezy is meant to be an immersive one, where users can explore the Independent Music space to find relevant Musicians. For example, users can select how they feel (“Pumped”, “Happy”) and the site will suggest Musicians that have music that fit those descriptions.

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