Tour the Cavern Club Digitally

By itself, the technology behind Google Street View is pretty neat. When people take the tech and turn it into an interactive experience, the possibilities become endless. For example, The Cavern Club Chronicles tells the story of a cornerstone of the entertainment industry that was also one of the earliest and most famous independent clubs.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Cavern Club. The people behind the interactive experience understand that not everybody can afford a trip to Liverpool to make the pilgrimage to the Beatles’ birthplace and wanted to help everyone enjoy the experience digitally. Throughout the experience are interactive points where viewers can see old photos, hear live performances, and read quotes and anecdotes from people who were there.

So, why should you care about the Cavern Club Chronicles?

Along with taking viewers through the music history, over 35 unique curios that exist in the museum have been tagged. Included in these are photos, quotes, videos, and stories giving behind the scenes info on a number of musical legends that began there. For example, the Cavern Club is where Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles. The Club also serves as a museum for the forerunners of pop on top of being a venue for current pop stars. Musicians who have played the venue this century include Travis, Oasis, the Arctic Monkeys, and even Adele.

Check out the interactive experience here.

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