Tree Stories – Yup, More Than One

I can honestly say I never expected to write a tree story. Especially one that contains both a Beatle’s related tree AND a U2 tree. I’m sure most people know the title tree from U2’s 1987 masterwork The Joshua Tree. As it turns out, someone has vandalized said tree.

“This past Sunday, I made my proverbial yearly hike out to the Tree with my dog to reminisce only to find that some hack and I do mean hack, decided it was a bright idea to take a hacksaw to one of the Tree’s limbs – evidently to remove an inch thick cross section as a souvenir.”

Another tree that was planted in Griffith Park in LA to commemorate the passing of Beatle George Harrison needed a replacement. Due to the most ironic infestation ever.

However, in another part of California, rock’s most ironic dead tree has been replaced. Last year, a pine tree planted in memory of George Harrison in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, died – killed by a beetle infestation.

More on both stories here.

Larry Lootsteen

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