Turkish Protests Bringing Hope to Turkish Musicians

With things still very much in flux in Istanbul, Turkish musicians are in the thick of things.  From The Guardian:

Rock musicians initially took to the streets as individual activists, fuelled by fury at the police’s brutality. “It was very emotional and actually quite magical, how it started. After all the hopelessness and powerlessness we had been feeling for so long, at that moment there was nothing else we could do but go to the streets,” said Ekin Sanaç, of the female electro duo Kim Ki O, whose most recent album Grounds explored the “depression” they felt before the protests erupted.

The initial police assault on Taksim Square two weeks ago, aimed at ending the occupation of Gezi Park by peaceful environmentalists, summoned up deep emotions in a younger generation which had rarely been motivated to get involved in political demonstrations before, suggested Ulaş Şalgam, the manager of several Turkish alternative rock bands.

“Taksim is a place where people who are different meet, it is a place for protests. Erdoğan wants to change it into a more Islamic, traditional place that is for ‘normal’ people, not for ones who are aliens like us,” she said.

So what does Turkish alt-rock sound like?  This is from Replikas.

Meanwhile, other protestors have taken to singing bits of Les Miz:

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