UPDATE: Twenty One Pilots is at it again with another cryptic video and internet scavenger hunt.

One of the fun things about Twenty One Pilots is the way they send fans down rat holes involving puzzles and cryptic messages. Well, they’re at it again.

It began with this. That’s a code for something, right? Yes. Yes, it is.

Next up was a livestream on Friday with more clues. About 13 minutes in, a voice comes on: “Welcome To Level Of Concern. Want to play a game? Anxiety, confusion, excitement, anxiety, anxiety, confusion, excitement, anxiety, confusion, excitement, anxiety, confusion, excitement. You are most likely experiencing Level Of Concern we thank you for your participation and interest.”

And there’s a phone number: 1-877-LVL-CNRN. Go ahead. Call it. You’ll hear this: “We have hidden codes all around the Internet for you to unlock new levels. Each level contains elements that could contain clues to help you move to the next level, that is only if you are savvy enough. We guarantee that this game is certainly madness, happiness, paranoia and fun.”

The message also will tell you to visit a new website. Fans were asked to enter a code: LOC-491-555-09JKL. Once you do that, you will be prompted to download a zip file featuring a photo of Tyler and Josh who let you know that this is “level one.”

There are nineteen more to break. Godspeed.

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