U2 – Films of Innocence

U2 is releasing Films of Innocence on iTunes on Tuesday, December 9th. FOI is a collections of videos for all the tracks on Songs of Innocence. Each video was done by a different artist from all around the world. (See the official trailer here.)

The videos below are for all the tracks. They were posted today and are supposed to be up only today (December 8th) though given the internet’s propensity for keeping stuff around, who knows. U2.com subscribers were also treated to a 12th video for “The Crystal Ballroom” which was a bonus track on the deluxe version of the album.

Here are the videos, as long as they last:
“The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)”:


“California (There Is No End To Love)”:
Watch here.

“Iris (Hold Me Close)”:

“Every Breaking Wave”:
Watch here.

“Raised By Wolves”:
Watch here.

“Sleep Like A Baby Tonight”:

“This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now”:

“Song For Someone”:
Watch here.

“The Troubles”:

“Cedarwood Road”:
Watch here.

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