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U2 is gonna make a TON of money with their MSG Sphere performances in Las Vegas

Not that they need the money, but U2 is going to make a lot of it from their special series of shows as the opening attraction at the MSG Sphere on the Last Vegas strip. At the very least, they’ll bring in at least US$ 1million per show.

The performances, called U2:UV Achtung Baby, are promised to be anything but a normal U2 concert. The gigs will begin the weekend of September 29-30 and then extend out through six consecutive weekends which means *checks math* the group will gross US$12 million before anyone starts talking about merch or any deals that cut U2 into things like parking and concessions. Reports say that U2 will get 90% of the gross ticket sales.

On the surface, that haul isn’t any kind of record. Lady Gaga came close, earning US$800,000 per show for residency while Bruno Mars also received US$1 million for his gigs. Adele won’t get out of bed for a cent less than the US$1.2 million she’s getting per show for her Vegas stint.

But hang on. Let’s do more math. The Sphere holds 17,500 people, a medium-sized show for U2. What would an average ticket price be? Somewhere between $100 and $500 isn’t an unreasonable guess. That boosts the gross to anywhere from US$1.5 to…US$3 million? Per gig? Yep.

What if U2 chooses to allow Ticketmaster to use its dynamic pricing algorithm? How much would that push up the price of the best seats? (With dynamic pricing, the act gets the premium amount). Vegas being Vegas, think that people will pay $5,000-$10,000 just to be up close? Duh.

Finally, we can look at the fortune these shows will possibly earn for secondary sellers like StubHub. None of the extra money on top of the price will go to U2, but if we’re going to try to calculate how much money will exchange hands over these twelve shows, we must include them.

Bottom line? This will be the most lucrative 12 days U2 will see ever again.

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  • They were the soundtrack to my life as an eighties and nineties youth, lifetime favorite band, their music through just a few albums ago was fantastic, but I’m afraid they reached the cheesy cash in grandpa phase.

  • The same thing could be said for anyone who has been in this business as long or longer than U2,I think they want to alter some songs from a a popular album and tour then come out with new music and a new tour I admire their courage to do so and they are still the same band we came to know and love.

  • They are a great band, great songs, still play the tracks when driving, all favourites that take you back to those special moments in your life; Bono, Larry, Adam & Edge, you’re a part of someone’s life, keep on rocking 👌🎸

  • Been seeing this band religiously since 2001 but I won’t be going to this. Money is tight for most people and I wish they would think about their fans.

  • I think the stadium is gonna e loaded, and the tickets are gonna sold out VERY fast!


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