U2’s Songs of Experience Tracklist Seems a Bit Odd

If there’s one thing that seems fairly consistent with rock bands and their albums, it’s the fact that having a killer lead off track on the album is something you want. Something that gets your attention immediately so you want to keep listening.

I found myself a little taken aback to see U2 lead off Songs of Experience with a relatively quiet “Love Is All We Have Left”.

Why would this historic rock band decide to set the tone of their latest album with a really good, but really quiet, song? For me, it makes no sense.

Is it that people really aren’t listening to albums so it mattered less? Is it another in the long list of change-ups the band is doing to try and appeal to a new generation? Does it matter? What do you think?

For myself, they should have led the album off as follows:

1) “American Soul”
2) “The Blackout”
3) “Love Is All We Have Left”
4) “Lights of Home”

Give that a spin and tell me what you think. Or what you think might have been better!

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