Ukraine has written a song about its killer drones

Ukraine has really knocked the hell out of the big bad Russian bear, much to the shock of one Vladimir Putin. Much of the damage has been done by Turkish-supplied Bayraktar TB2 drones. These killer machines have taken out countless tanks, trucks, troops, and even aircraft.

Ukrainians love their TB2s. There’s a radio station called Radio Bayraktar, an online outlet that plays nothing but songs of war. And then there’s this song by Taras Borovok. Recorded back in February, the track, also called “Bayraktar,” has gone viral.

Here are the lyrics.

Invaders came to us, to Ukraine,
New uniforms, new machinery
But their inventory has melted
Bayraktar… Bayraktar …

Russian tankers hid in bushes
To slurp schi with a shoe
But their soup got too hot
Bayraktar… Bayraktar …

From the East came sheep
To “rebuild the great country”
The best shepherd for sheep is
Bayraktar… Bayraktar …

Their arguments – all kind of arms
Powerful rockets, steel machines
To all their arguments our response is
Bayraktar… Bayraktar …

They wanted to conquer us at once
And we were offended
Russian bandits are turning into ghosts by
Bayraktar… Bayraktar …

Russian police starts investigations
But can’t find the killer of racists
What causes these cold cases?
Bayraktar… Bayraktar …

Kremlin freak spews propaganda
People eat it all up
Now their Tsar learned a new word

If that sounds like something for your playlist, try this other song about anti-tank Javelin weapons.

Read more here. (Via Oreo)

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