Uncharted: Crime and Mayhem in the Music Industry, episode 012: The Ever-Popular Kurt-Cobain-Was-Murdered Conspiracy

When something bad happens, we want to know why. The weirder and worse the event, the more we need to know.

Something like this can’t possibly be random. Someone needs to be responsible and held accountable. Someone needs to be blamed—and there had better not be any loose ends.

Certain segments of the population have always been suspicious of the official story. Forget the simplest and most logical explanations. These awful events or phenomena are the work of some kind of secret cabal or organization pulling the strings of life on Earth. It was a conspiracy. It had to be.

For example, the most famous murder of modern times was the assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963. More than sixty years later, it seems like no one believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

To be fair, they might be right. There’s been a lot of investigation into the JFK case over the decades. I’m one of those nuts who reads, watches, and listens to everything involved with the assassination—and I must say that I’m convinced this was the result of a loose need-to-know operation involving the CIA, the deep state, Cuban exiles, and American mobsters.

But there’s also something called “Occam’s Razor” which dates to the 14th century. This monk—William of Occam—was annoyed at how people blamed supernatural forces when even the simplest thing went wrong. His answer was “Look, the simplest and most obvious explanation is usually the correct one.”

Try that approach with people who believe the earth is flat and that we never went to the moon. The COVID-19 crisis was engineered by the media, probably in cahoots with The Illuminati living beneath the Denver airport.

Yes, 5g causes cancer! Chemtrails are for mind control! The royal family had Princess Di killed. Of course, 9/11 was an inside job! If you believe anything else, you’re a sheep. You’ve been duped by the mainstream media! Do your own research. Join us! We are The Truthers!

The world of conspiracy theories is a bottomless pit of weirdness. When it comes to music, one of the deepest and strangest of these theories has to do with what happened above a greenhouse in Seattle on April 5, 1994.

Boy, have I got stories—multiple stories, in fact—about this one. It might be the most comprehensive study you’ve ever heard on the subject. This is episode 12 of Uncharted: Music and Mayhem in the Music Industry: The ever-popular Kurt-Cobain-was-murdered theory.

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