Uncharted: Crime and Mayhem in the Music Industry, episode 13: The cults of rock

Since homo sapiens gained consciousness and self-awareness, we’ve been asking some big questions. What does it all mean? What’s the purpose of existence? Is there something more to life and the universe than what I can see?

This has led us down all kinds of spiritual journeys and rabbit holes. For billions, this means turning to religion. But what if traditional spirituality and beliefs don’t cut it? If you’re not careful, you might find yourself in a cult.

Maybe you’re seduced by a charismatic leader who claims to have all the answers when it comes to religion, philosophy, spirituality, and maybe even politics. It’s non-mainstream stuff, which is part of the appeal. Maybe this leader and his followers really do have all the answers to everything you’ve been searching for.

Here’s where things get weird. You’re introduced to unorthodox teachings, strange rituals, odd practices, and wild belief systems. Maybe you’re given a task or caught up in the group’s goals and objectives.

Then we get into mind control, brainwashing, shaming, suppression of individual identities, totalitarian enforcement of behavior, separation from family and friends, and even terrorism, violence, and death.

There are thousands of groups around the world. Many are generally benign while others are sketchy and warrant skepticism. I’d put the wacky Raelians in that group. And a few are downright dangerous. Think of the Heaven’s Gate UFO group and suicide cult in San Diego.

Now: what happens when you mix cults with music? A lot of very, very bad things. This is Uncharted: Crime and Mayhem in the Music Industry, episode 13. This is what can happen when music and cults intersect. Have I got some stories for you…

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One thought on “Uncharted: Crime and Mayhem in the Music Industry, episode 13: The cults of rock

  • That is some wild stuff. The one that Fleetwood Mac guy got involved with . Holy moly.


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