Update on Billie Joe Armstrong

First, Billie Joe is out of that Italian hospital.  He was rushed there yesterday forcing the cancellation of a show in Bologna. (Watch Tre and Mike’s YouTube statement here.)

But what’s wrong?  No one had anything to say about that. It’s still a big mystery.

According to one report, it may–may–have to do with his voice/throat–which, given the intensity of Billie Joe’s vocal performances, I totally understand.  

And it’s gotta be something reasonably serious.  A couple of years ago, I was the backstage guest of Green Day and I chanced upon their medical chest.  This was a refrigerator-sized road case filled with first aid supplies–totally legit supplies, I might add.

I’d never see such stuff.  Bandages, splints, vitamins, decongestants, antihistamines, painkillers, herbal teas, gargles, lineament–all kinds of things that could be administered/applied/attached backstage so the show could go on.  And this was industrial-strength stuff–not necessarily the kind of stuff you get at the corner drug store.  

I didn’t see any throat sprays, but it was a big chest.  

Bottom line is that if Billie was rushed to the hospital, it was for something more profound than a cold/sore throat.  

Alan Cross

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