Do You Use the 8Tracks to Stream Music? The Service Has Been Hacked.

If it’s not WannaCry, then it’s Petya. And if it’s not that, then maybe it’s Not Petya. Russians, North Koreans and all kinds of non-state actors seem intent on hacking our systems.

Users of 8Tracks, the Internet radio/streaming service/social network woke up to the news that the company’s database has been breached. From Motherboard:

Motherboard obtained a dataset of around 6 million 8track usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords. For-profit breach notification site LeakBaseprovided Motherboard with the data, and claims that the full dataset comprises of around 18 million accounts. The passwords appear to be hashed with the SHA1 algorithm, meaning hackers may be able to crack the hashes and obtain some of the original passwords.

Several users in the data confirmed they signed up to 8tracks, with some signups stretching back to 2008. Motherboard also independently confirmed that a selection of email addresses included in the data did correspond to accounts on the site by trying to create new accounts with them. In every case, this was not possible because the email address was already linked to an 8tracks account.

The good news is that there was no credit card information among the stolen data. More details here.

*Sigh* Another day, another hack.


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