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The Most Valuable Musicians’ Autographs

News-Antique reports on something called the PFC4 Autograph Index, which I gather is an assessment of the most valuable autographs for collectors.

This year’s top 10 includes four musicians.  Lemme give you the whole thing (all figures in USD):

10.  Madonna:  A typical autograph is worth $1,629.

9.  Ringo Starr:  He stopped signing autographs years ago, which is why his signature has been appreciating quickly, including more than 20% in 2013 alone.  Now you’ll have to spend at least $2,000.

8.  JK Rowling:  Now that she’s living quietly in her Scottish castle, autographs are harder to come by.  Today’s price is $2,050.

7.  Muhammed Ali:  I’d love an Ali autograph, but the price is approaching $2,500.

6.  Queen Elizabeth:  Sign this, Mum.  How much?  $2,500?

5.  Tiger Woods:  He rarely signs anything for the general public because he knows that as the world’s number one golfer, a lot of what he’d sign would end up on eBay. Not gonna play that game.  $2,625.

4.  Bob Dylan:  Dylan memorabilia is exceedingly rare, including scraps of paper with his signature.  $3,200.

3.  Paul McCartney:  Like Ringo, his signature is appreciating.  Its value has gone up an average of 20.6% per year.  $3,275.

2.  Prince William:  Really?  His signature is worth as much as Macca’s?  But since he’s genuine royalty, the tie goes to him and he gets the #2 spot.  $3,275.

1.  Fidel Castro:  Never would have guessed.  $5,750.

(Via Vintage Vinyl News)

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2 thoughts on “The Most Valuable Musicians’ Autographs

  • Ringo is on there, but not Lennon or Harrison??

  • Early jazz musicians’ autographs are even harder to find. Lots of Louis Armstrong — he’d sign anything — but people like Fats Waller and Duke Ellington are almost impossible to find. I am reminded of the words of the scottish comedian Billy Connolly: “I hate signin’ fuckin’ autographs, but it’s easier to sign ’em than explain why you won’t.”

    PS: Yellow type on a white background is VERY hard to read!


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