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Canada has plenty of indie music awards spanning many genres, but are you ready to cast your vote for an indie music video award?

Dropout Entertainment is introducing the Dropout Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, described as “The FIRST awards celebrating the best independent music videos in Canada.”

Bands self-submitted what they felt was their best video and best suited in one of eight categories: Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Indie, Metal, indigenous, Pop and Folk. Now it’s up to fans to vote on their favourites. Winners will be announced on Jan. 31, 2019. Voting ends on Jan. 15. 

The overall winner receives $500; 10 other regional winners will be announced but no prize money will be handed out. 

“We wanted to put something together that was more meaningful than a regular digital conversation; but also something accessible to indie artists across the country — something that we hope will actually provide exposure for artists and work to benefit them,” said Jesse Read with Dropout Entertainment. “We thought the voting system was a good choice as we’re not here to dictate our own tastes or demonstrate authority in any way, to be honest we’re always a bit more interested in what you’re listening to.”  

There’s a handful of nominees in each category, all waiting for fan review and vote.

For example, in rock, there’s Wolves at Midnight’s “West Coast,” Marlon Chaplin’s”Elevation,” The Johnnys “Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin”,Kristi Lane Sinclair’s “Fire in Santa Fe,” Waves that Stray’s “Identity Crisis”and “Mr. Wild the Killer Child”; along with Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs’ “First Time” and Tokyo Police Club’s “Simple Dude,” among at least a dozen more.

In all, more than 100 videos have been nominated for the awards, with winners to be announced on January 31. The semifinalists will be named on Jan. 8, 2019.

A total of four semifinalists will be announced from each genre, with two selected by judges and two based on the fan vote.

So head over to the contest page, take a look and a listen, and vote vote vote. 

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