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Wait: Oasis reunion dates have been booked for WHEN?

Every few months we enter silly season where Oasis reunion rumours start flying about. Fans get all lathered up before Liam, Noel, or both disabuse them of their fantasies. We seem to be in the midst of one of those seasons now.

Or are we?

Starting last night, some rumours started making the rounds citing music industry sources (touring and management people, allegedly) that plans are in the works for some big Oasis shows at Knebworth in June 2025. Yes, two years from now.

The Sun quotes someone: “Agents are provisionally looking at dates in June, which would see fans enjoying Oasis again with the chance of the sun shining. Of course, even if it did pour down with rain, fans would still show up for the historic reunion.”

Why should we believe this? Considering the source (The Sun is one of the UK’s big tabloids), we shouldn’t. Still:

  • An Oasis reunion would bring in a staggering amount of money
  • Last week, Noel seemed to soften about the prospects of getting the band back together
  • Liam has been agitating for a reunion for the past couple of years, blaming Noel for rebuffing him
  • Noel is current undergoing a painful relationship split
  • Liam has a lot of ex-wives and love children to look after.

I guess we’ll see, huh?

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2 thoughts on “Wait: Oasis reunion dates have been booked for WHEN?

  • I’d love it, but lets not ignore the fact that Noel has a new album out and nothing whips up the press faster than him talking about Oasis getting back together.

  • So oasis hasn’t been booked, it’s just hearsay nonsense non story click bait


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