Want Better Sound from Your Digital Files? Get Your Schiit Together (Say That Out Loud)

Before there was Schitt’s Creek on CBC, there was Schiit [sic] Audio, a company that deals with some pretty esoteric gear.  And yes, the only reason I’m giving this a full post is because of the company’s name.

Still, it’s kinda cool.  From GizMag:

[Mike Moffat], the firm’s co-founder is the inventor of the DS Pre, the first DSP-based outboard digital to analog converter on the market. Moffat and company have spent the last five years researching digital filter algorithms, a quest that has ended with Yggdrasil, a flagship multi-bit DAC with a true closed form filter.

Despite its Norse name, the Yggdrasil DAC (or Yggy for short) is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. The company says that while most DACs on the market simply use the stock digital filters that come embedded in their digital-to-analog converters, Yggy is the only one with a true closed form digital filter. This means that all the original samples are retained from the input stage, through filtering, interpolation and conversion and on through to the analog output stage.

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One thought on “Want Better Sound from Your Digital Files? Get Your Schiit Together (Say That Out Loud)

  • Schiit is quite well known in headphone enthusiast circles for their great bang-for-buck gear, especially on the Modi and Magni combination of DAC and amp. Worth checking out for very good basically budget gear – if you have the cans to take advantage of it. Being Made in USA can be a selling point for some as well I guess.

    But please don’t mention this and that godawful CBC travesty in the same breath! I really just feel bad for Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara at this point… though they haven’t always made great choices, this one is just terrible. End rant!


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