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Warner Music Group is getting deeper into the field of music as medicine

Music therapy has been a thing for years. Music can be used for everything from pain management to treating depression and dementia. Warner Music Group, one of the world’s three major labels, is very interested in music’s potential when it comes to medicine.

The label has a new partnership with a UK startup called MediMusic to investigate the use of music for patients with anxiety, stress, and pain. Material from WMG’s catalogue will be carefully selected for trials in the US and the UK.

MediMusic has some kind of tech that analyzes music for specific therapeutic data points. Twenty-minute playlists are then created on an individual basis for patients. MediMusic also uses special playback devices and headphones.

This follows Universal Music Group’s foray into the same area. It has a partnership with a company that focuses on helping people with dementia.

More detail here.

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2 thoughts on “Warner Music Group is getting deeper into the field of music as medicine

  • Crashing waves, wind chimes, pan flutes and whale chatter not cutting it for people anymore?
    Have they tried Metal Machine Music?
    Wait… no. All they want is One More Time, crying Under The Bridge & attracting Karma Police for their OCD psychological malaise.

    Euterpe, they just don’t make people the way they used to.

    • Orrrrrrrrrr…maybe melodies, beats and lyrics from modern music help people get through tough times, rekindle old memories of happier times or help make their current struggles tolerable? Why do you care so much about what sounds people listen to in order to feel better?

      Sorry we don’t all live in the perfect world you seem to be living in.


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