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We can’t let a day go by without looking at the Twitter sh*tshow, can we? Absolutely not.

Imagine being one of the few remaining Twitter employees. Their holiday season isn’t going to be good. Here’s a summary of some of the latest sh*tshowiness.

Elon Musk is going to pay a big price for his shenanigans.

Keeping Twitter afloat requires siphoning cash from Tesla. This will not end well.

Why would Elon tweet that he’s “not suicidal?”

Concerning, no? Or is this just more of him being an attention-whore? And what’s this about threats on his life? Or is he just not being serious?

It’s not just in the west where there are concerns about Twitter misinformation.

Here’s an example of some real-world consequences of Elon’s “free speech absolutism.”

Twitter is really struggling with its advertisers

This isn’t good. Obviously. But to hear Elon tell it, things are getting better.

Apple is back as an advertiser. Or…

…did Apple never leave? It’s unclear. I thought they were at war.

And what’s this about Elon and animal experiments?

Oh, no... This is awful.

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One thought on “We can’t let a day go by without looking at the Twitter sh*tshow, can we? Absolutely not.

  • What is the obsession with this and what does it have to do with music?

    1: twitter is actually doing really well from a traffic and engagement standpoint now. Better than they have since 2020 election. Advertisers are not going anywhere and people who claimed they would leave either never left or are back because money and clicks talk and they cannot give up the clicks and traffic they get from twitter

    2: Tesla stock will be fine in the long run. This is a short term thing. The thing a lot of people get wrong about Tesla is thinking its just a car company. Its actually more importantly a software company that is by far and away the leader in self-driving and its not even close

    3: the animal experiments – people who eat meat, chicken, etc that get all worked up about that should check their diets and think about factory farming before they get all in a bunch about about that.


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