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Wednesday’s Roundup of Bowie-Is-No-Longer-With-Us Stories

The deluge of Bowie-related stories continues. Here’s the roundup for January 13, David death +2.

  1. Now that he’s gone, can we PLEASE coordinate how to pronounce Bowie’s last name?
  2. Iman, Bowie’s wife, is said to be “holding up well.”
  3. It’s possible that Blackstar will boot Adele out of #1 on the Billboard album chart in the US. Sales are going crazy. We’ll know Friday morning.
  4. Blackstar has been out of stock at Amazon US and UK since Monday.
  5. Only two of last year’s biggest hits were written by the artist without outside help. Compare that to Bowie’s output. We truly live in a world of over-manufactured music.
  6. Bowie’s Lazarus musical, which is running in New York, has become a place for fans to gather.
  7. These could be the last professional photos ever taken of Bowie.
  8. Here are details on the upcoming David Bowie all-star tribute that’s coming together.
  9. Flea already has his commemorative David Bowie tattoo.
  10. The Daily Beast comments on Bowie’s 180-degree turnaround on the subject of race.
  11. Bowie predicted the rise of Kanye West. (SPOILER: No, he didn’t.)
  12. And let’s talk about Bowie and sexual liberation.
  13. This Burberry model paid tribute to Bowie on the runway.
  14. Yoko Ono says Bowie was a father figure to her son.
  15. David Bowie’s old Caribbean getaway is up for sale. (I’ve been to this place. It’s…incredible!)
  16. The Angela Bowie/Celebrity Big Brother mess keeps getting messier.
  17. Claim by the midwife who delivered Bowie: “He’s been on Earth before.”
  18. It’s still looking strong for Blackstar to become Bowie’s first-ever #1 album in the US.
  19. There will be a tribute at this year’s Brit Awards–as there should be.
  20. How can we connect Bowie with Fight Club? Like this.
  21. Stars offer up their favourite Bowie songs.
  22. A golden oldie: David Jones and The League for the Preservation of Animal Filament.
  23. Need to read up on Bowie? Here are the best Bowie books.
  24. How to teach your children about Bowie.
  25. Even Bowie’s old Yorkshire relatives have been sought out for comments and memories.
  26. The fifteen best Bowie samples.
  27. We need some permanent memorials to legendary musicians–like Bowie.

And after all that, we need a laugh.

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