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This Week on The Ongoing History of New Music

Normally, I’d be telling you about a brand new episode, but because technical producer Rob Johnston blew out a lung–seriously, one of his lungs suddenly and inexplicably collapsed–we’ve had to reach into the archives for an older show. Which is fine, because this episode has been lying the vault for years.

One of more interesting trends of the last 15 years has been the rise of two-piece bands.  The White Stripes. The Black Keys. Death from Above 1979. Royal Blood. Where did this phenomenon originate? Who was the first? And how to so few people manage to make so much noise?

All this will be answered in the episode “A Brief History of Two-Piece Bands.”

As for Robbie J, he’ll be fine. I offered him a can of that sealant gunk I use on flat tires, but he declined in favour of a chest tube. They puffed him up like a beach ball and he’s okay now. Just don’t ask him to play indoor soccer this winter. He’ll be in top shape to help produce a brand new episode next week.

Well, he’d better be. Otherwise it’s off to Canadian Tire to grab some of that foam that’s supposed to stop winter drafts.

On a related topic, The Ongoing History is FINALLY moving online to a place where you can not only read through past stories, but listen to music, watch videos and, most importantly, interact with the stories and make your own contributions. And if you share stories with friends and contacts on your social networks, you actually have a chance to make a little $$.

To get started, go here.

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3 thoughts on “This Week on The Ongoing History of New Music

  • What ‘past episode #’ is the repeat?

  • it should be Ep 684 (2011-03-27) A Fast History of Two-piece Bands – featuring: The White Stripes & Flat Duo Jets & Local H & The Inbreds & Death from Above 1979 & The Black Keys & No Age & The Ting Tings & Black Pistol Fire

  • My absolute favourite two-piece is The Helio Sequence.

    They’ve had some limited mainstream success since Keep Your Eyes Ahead (judging from the fact that I heard the eponymous song in a grocery store a couple of weeks ago), but man I just love their first three albums to pieces.

    The first three albums have an upbeat, shoegazer sound. The latter two are far more introspective.

    Hard to pick just a single song, but I guess this the one that first got me into them. They also have a badass cover of Tomorrow Never Knows which is worth looking up. (I’d link directly but I think the spam filter doesn’t appreciate multiple links.)


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