Weekly survey: Are some countries opening up to musical events too fast?

Maybe it’s the cautious Canadian in me, but watching the US and the UK start staging maskless, no-social-distancing public events is making me nervous. Yes, many jurisdictions seem to be following scientific advice and vaccination rates look good, but still…

I’m nervous because COVID-19 has a way of coming back to bite you on the spike protein. Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam all seemed to have their act together, but once they let their guard down a little bit, the virus bounced back. Damn variants, you know? The scenes of crowded concerts, clubs, and sporting events feel like premature declarations of mission accomplished.

Again, maybe it’s just me, but let’s find out for sure. Do you feel that the US and UK are pushing their luck when it comes to reopening after COVID?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly survey: Are some countries opening up to musical events too fast?

  • I think people are letting their cabin fever and one (set) vaccination get the best of them, unfortunately. Since the virus has at least one mutation, if not myriad, there have to be at least more than one vaccinations, right? I don’t know if people are talking about this as I’m fairly isolated and I can’t stay on top of the news; my anxiety would just turn me into a mess and my life is already too much of a mess for more on top.

    I think the Barcelona study was very positive. I swear I saw another one recently but I can’t remember it at all! I was trying to tell my niece about it today but I recall it too was positive. I do think Canada not changing their border policy since March 2020 is over the top. Yes, I do have skin in the game and yes, it’s making me biased but there is some serious overcompensation there. Life is too fluid to be so static.

    I have a concert in August (I think and hope.) and I REALLY hope that the Toronto info that Alan posted about no Arena shows doesn’t count for BC in October. I have too much of my head invested in that concert. I normally do one arena show every four years. Period..but this one was a one-off. Plus, I lost a really good season and I feel like I need some kind of concert karmic justice for being screwed out of my best concert year in my entire life. I know I sound childish but I feel childish. This is my life. This is what gives it meaning because my current job isn’t up to snuff on that front and I’ve no volunteer job these days. My trifecta that keeps me alive is gone.

    So, I’m a hypocrite for thinking that we shouldn’t be rushing but I think the studies bear out some good news …so that might be a wash. I want my concerts and I’ve done a 180 from my original at all costs and survived so far but the more that they become possibilities the more the jones get me and I get my hopes up and I want and need it so bad.. and then I start to lose my perspective again and I’m back to last March seeing my life go up in smoke, e-mail by e-mail. I’m a bloody teeter-totter. Roller coaster doesn’t even begin to describe it. I NEED dopamine.

  • I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite us.


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