Weekly survey: Are the Foo Fighters in danger of serious overexposure?

There are two views about how to manage a music career these days. You can be like U2 and launch a multi-year album-and-tour blitzkrieg that lasts a couple of years and then disappear for the next three or four years. Or you can be like a lot of hip-hop artists and provide fans with a steady drip-drip-drip of new material in order to remain top of mind continuously.

The Foo Fighters (and Dave Grohl in particular) seem to subscribe to the latter philosophy. Even throughout the pandemic, Foos-related product has been everywhere. Dave’s docs. His Storyteller memoir. The current album, Medicine at Midnight, is still throwing off singles a year after its release. Dave on a chicken wing-eating podcast. The band’s horror-comedy movie, Studio 666., And then there’s the group’s upcoming massive 2022 tour.

With the exception of the movie (it was a flop in theatres but may yet rebound with VOD and streaming), you can’t argue with the band’s success. But at what point do things tip into the area of overexposure? Remember how we saw this with Green Day a few years back.

That question is the subject of this week’s Twitter poll. Thoughts?

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One thought on “Weekly survey: Are the Foo Fighters in danger of serious overexposure?

  • I think we have, I don’t mind them, I’ve even bought Grohl’s book but these days everytime they come on the radio I change channel because I am sick to death of hearing them…then there’s the disco album, then the movie, then the hardcore metal album….enough already


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