Weekly survey: Do you actually re-watch concert videos you take with your phone?

With the return of concerts and festivals comes the resurrection of the debate of fans spending all their time videoing the gig instead of being in the moment and enjoying the show. Soooooo many artists hate that the audience is viewing their performance through a tiny screen. It can also be very distracting (and even demoralizing) to look out over the crowd to see nothing but a bunch of tiny rectangles. (Check out this list of artists who don’t allow phones at their concerts.)

There are fans who are firmly with the audience and wish that people would just put away the iPhone. But other fans will say “Hey, we paid an insane amount for a ticket. If we want to video things, that’s our right.” Some may also be suffering from FOMO, believing that they need evidence that they were there.

My question is directed to people in that latter group. When you video a gig, do you ever go back and watch what you shot? Be honest now.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly survey: Do you actually re-watch concert videos you take with your phone?

  • I do watch them, and it really helps me remember the experience. That said, I take ~2 quick clips and shove my phone into my pocket for the rest of the gig.

    I used to get press passes to take photos and even then it was typically only permitted for the first three songs, and that was great.

  • I do not take video. A few pictures yes but every video I have seen shot at concerts are almost un watchable with unstable video, crappy sound and poor video quality. Just like listening to bootlegged audio where the people around the recorder won’t stop talking.

    It seems like a lot of people at shows are just there to be there and not there to watch a show. If you go to say, Massey Hall to talk with your friends, go to the bar and watch the show on the in house video and talk, but not in the hall with the music.

  • What’s the best way to use your phone for recording live music. I’m thinking more of smaller events at say an open mic at a bar.

    How do you exclude the background noise from behind?

  • NO, and I think people should keep their phones in their pockets. NOONE watches your stupid concert videos. It’s hard to absorb the aura of the show with a GD phone in your hand or in your face. Show the artists some respect and pay attention to what they are bringing to the stage. Can’t anyone pay enough attention to the show that there memory is the best thing they have of the night?


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