Weekly survey: Do you like The Beatles?

My wife and I spend a big chunk of the weekend watching director Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary, an eight-hour look at the 22 days The Beatles spent recording what would be large parts of the Let It Be album as well as coming up with the bones of songs that would also appear on Abbey Road.

It. Is. Brilliant.

It features moments like this when Paul McCartney composes the bones of the “Get Back” single in five minutes in front of George and Ringo. Lennon was late. This is songwriting magic.

It’s stuff like that which will make Get Back become one of the most important (the best?) rock doc of all time.

At one point during part two of the three-part series, my wife turned to me and asked “Do you think there are people who don’t like The Beatles?”

I’m sure there are, but let’s find out how many with this week’s survey.

(For the record, I believe that they were the greatest ever and will never, ever be matched by anyone.)

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3 thoughts on “Weekly survey: Do you like The Beatles?

  • Alan , I grew up on the Beatles. Born in the UK before coming to Canada in 1965 as an 11 yesr old. I play bass because of inspiration ftom McCartney. The Peter Jackson film is both fascinating and sad for me , as the band is fractured at that point. I agree that there will never be a songwriting juggernaut than these guys. Their song structures are unmatched and still magic to me at 67 years old. Thank you for your articles and insight.

  • I was aware of the Beatles from an early age, but it was always “old people music”. Also lol my first version of Yellow Submarine was


    Holy hell I went down a rabbit hole trying to identify the track, but I could find so little information about it online, and it’s not on YouTube or Spotify nor can I find the credits. I’m 99% sure it was this 1986 children’s album, and I’m 51% sure it’s Julian Lennon singing and playing guitar on it: https://www.discogs.com/release/11196142-The-Kings-Singers-Judi-Dench-Kids-Stuff

    Also I had NO IDEA Judi Dench has made a shitload of children’s albums until now.

    (End digression!)

    ANYWAY, I never really cared about or “got” the Beatles, despite being obsessed with britpop of the late 80s to the mid 90s. Basically the stuff I was hearing on 102.1, and an older brother lent me a bunch of albums.

    In the late 00s (my late twenties), I discovered Helio Sequence, and then had my mind blown to discover that Tomorrow Never Knows was a Beatles cover. After being raised with stuff like Chemical Brothers, hearing the 1966 original just completely broke my brain and I got obsessed with the Beatles for years, making up for lost time.

  • I had so much trouble posting my main comment, I apparently used too many flagged words, and the spam filter seems to just haaaaaaaaate that link, but I couldn’t not include it for context.


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