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Weekly survey: How important is your online image?

With each successive generation, we’re getting away from an era when people lived without the internet and all the behaviors that come with it. Gen Alpha, the kids born since 2010 have never known a universe without the iPad. There are billions of these always-logged-on kids around the world.

This topic was addressed at a music-and-tech conference I attended in Singapore last week, this statistic was dropped on the audience: Over 70% of Gen Z believe that their online image is more important than how they appear in real life. It’s predicted that the number will be much higher for Gen Alpha.

Let’s get a reading on online/IRL divide right now with this week’s question.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly survey: How important is your online image?

  • Hi Alan, I have been trying to find the stat that you shared about how 70% Gen Zers think their online image is more important than their image in real life. Can you point me to the article/study/author for this stat? I study this topic and after searching for it the closest I found was that Gen Z and Millennials believe how you present yourself online is more important than how you present yourself in person (study from 2021). It would not surprise me about the 70% stat, and would appreciate the source/author. Thank you.

    • This was mentioned during a panel presented at a conference in Singapore last week.

  • Yes, thank you — who was the person on the panel who said it and where did they get this information?


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