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Weekly survey: What are your wishes and dreams for music in 2019?

The year is but 14 days old, so with more than 350 days to go, let’s ask this question: If you could wish/hope/dream for one musical thing in 2019, what would it be?

No restrictions. Be as fanciful as you like. Imagine you have some surreal magical power that allows you to control the future. For example:

  1. A new Tool album. (Likely. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see it by late, late spring i.e. June).
  2. A serious resurgence in rock. More bands like Greta Van Fleet.
  3. A Canadian band [insert name here] breaks out worldwide.
  4. Perfect weather for outside festivals across Canada this summer.
  5. Etc.

Lemme know.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly survey: What are your wishes and dreams for music in 2019?

  • You already said it. New Tool album. Everything else is secondary.

  • I also vote for rock to make a comeback. Alternative music seems to have lost it’s edge. It was dominated this past year by slow-tempo songs that all sounded alike. I was listening to Sirius XM’s AltNation Top 36 of 2018 and found it to be a complete snooze fest. Even long-time alt rock favorites have gone this way. It’s just boring.

  • Rock making a comeback would be nice. Would also like a new Pearl Jam record and subsequent U.S. Tour.

  • If I had a surreal magical power, I’d make these things happen:

    1) I’d bring Gord Downie back to life. And Bowie. And Lemmy.

    2) I’d give Neil Peart full health, and restore his desire to play again, thus breathing life back into RUSH.

    3) I’d make the voiceboxes of all those responsible for the schlock that passes off as music today completely disintegrate. That pretty cruel, I know. But it’s just as cruel to look at today’s musical landscape and watch “the kids” consume this absolute garbage. I’d also use said magical power to collectively take “the kids” and give them a firm spanking for being the idiots they are by blindly supporting this garbage. Indeed, it is because of this support that the world looks at a Coachella poster like the one that was recently released. I mean, how did we get here? How did this happen? People MUST be punished, lol.

  • One more solid Boston Album

  • Oh! And one more Blink 182 album with Tom.

  • Would like to see a new records by The Cure and Radiohead. And I agree with more rock music pressence


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