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Weekly survey: What frustrates you most about the music you love?

Nothing’s perfect, including the music that fills our lives. Here’s a chance to do a little kvetching about that.

Can you sum up what frustrates you about the music you love in just one sentence? In other words, can you give me a pithy complaint on one topic about your favourite music?

Your target can involve anything (but not restricted to) things like:

  • The price of concert tickets
  • How music is recorded these days. Maybe it just doesn’t sound as good.
  • How music isn’t as good as it used to be.
  • Your fellow fans (“It’s not the band I hate/It’s their fans.”)
  • Selling out
  • Festivals
  • You can even get specific about a particular artist if you want. (“I LOVE this band, but when they [do this thing that pisses me off.]

Narrow it down to just one thing about what frustrates you and let me know about it in the comment section below.


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10 thoughts on “Weekly survey: What frustrates you most about the music you love?

  • If you’d have asked me in the 90’s, I’d have said how the Cd’s I buy are always $24.99 but the top 40 stuff was always $14.99

    You know what frustrates me? Got-here-late-guy pushing his way to the front of the crowd when the band starts to play spilling my $8 beer

  • What frustrates me the most about the music I love is that most of the music I love was made in decades where I either wasn’t alive (60s, 70s) or wasn’t old enough to enjoy it to the max with other fans (90s).

  • What frustrates me is how much harder it is to find music that is listenable. I miss college radio for that or follow certain bloggers ie Alan Cross who have similar tastes in music. I also hate the overly processed flat sound that ruins the potential of a great band ie The Struts, Greta Van Fleet. If the Raveonettes can do it using old analog technology that makes their MP3s sound fuller and warmer then I know it’s still possible.

    The only way I can find music these days (because radio will play the same predictable songs from classic artists like U2 and Madonna and none of their new stuff) is to keep up on music buzz for new up coming bands or check out recommended bands that come up on Youtube.

    Sometimes YT playlists are good but song titles are not listed at times and switch to another playlist without me noticing the change because I’m across the room and get confused as to why the REM playlist suddenly has songs I don’t recognize because another band has come up.

  • The most frustrating thing for me is how people at concerts have lost the concert experience. They spend hundreds on tickets and watch it through their phone and/ or record it. Why? Watch it on Youtube the next day. Concert etiquette is gone. I have cut back my shows by 95%.

  • To pick only one thing is difficult, there are so many things that are irritating. How about a list?
    Album artwork is a after thought.
    Nobody listens to albums as a whole.
    People would rather look at a concert through there phone than enjoy what is right in front of them.
    Stop talking during concerts!
    Add your fucking metadata to your audio files! (you can’t listen to your music if you can’t find it)
    Pre-order limited vinyl that is only avialable as a bundle. (that’s right Alice in Chains, I’m talking to you and your stupid poncho)
    Ordering vinyl that doesn’t come with a download code.
    Everything is recorded to loud and therefore gets distored.
    Over priced concert tickets.

  • Nine Inch Nails is now Old Boring Nails!

  • Still waiting on the new Tool album ?

  • For me, it’s gatekeeping and snobbery from fans, like I somehow have to prove that I’m a “real” fan by knowing massive amounts of (usually obscure) facts about the band.

    [Although, Alan, thanks to 15+ years of listening to OHNM every Sunday, I’ve definitely shut a few guys up, because they couldn’t believe that a *woman* knew anything about alt-rock. Sincerely, thank you.]

  • What frustrates me is the mediocrity of radio play lists. What happened to a solid music director curating decent music and getting it out there? Now everyone (Corus, Virgin , looking in your direction) seems to play the same top twenty songs over and over, and over some more. We have such a depth of Canadian and global musical talent, there’s no excuse for such trite play lists.


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