Weekly survey: When was the last time you bought an actual compact disc?

The future of the company disc became a little more wobbly last week when it was announced that Lorde’s Solar Power album will be released on vinyl and a digital download but NOT as a compact disc. For good reason, too: CD sales keep dropping as more people adopt streaming. The only physical format people seem to actually treasure is vinyl.

And have you shopped for a new car recently? There’s an excellent chance there won’t be a new CD in the dashboard. I went two years in my wife’s Honda CR-V before I realized that it didn’t have a CD player.

I think the last time I bought a CD was in the UK in the fall of 2019. Yes, the pandemic made it difficult to go record shopping, but even before COVID, my purchases had dropped to almost nothing. Long gone are the days when I’d walk out of record store with half a dozen discs.

What about you? When was the last time you bought an actual compact disc?

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6 thoughts on “Weekly survey: When was the last time you bought an actual compact disc?

  • I have bought 30 or so in the last week! Still love my physical media. I rarely buy digital music but of course Bandcamp purchases come with digital media so I do have lots…

  • I’m a dinosaur I guess. I still buy CDs, new and used. Most recent was a couple of weeks ago, when the new Garbage album came out. I still like putting an actual disc into a proper stereo system and listening, all while reading liner notes. I know I’m going to have to change eventually, but I don’t want to.

  • HMV closing sale. Basia Bulat Good Advice.

    So 2016/2017ish?

  • Last time I was at a gig. I always buy merch from artists directly. Unfortunately no gigs since December 2019 🙂

  • 2018 is the last time I went out and bought a cd. I switched back to vinyl and the odd record comes with a cd. I just can’t stand how brickwalled most releases are. I’ll probably buy some older cd releases eventually.

  • Just ordered one off eBay last week; hope to receive it within the next three weeks or so.


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