Weekly survey: Would you go see a gig starring at hologram? And if so, who would it have to be?

There’s a tech twist to this week’s survey question.

This past Sunday (November 4), there was a concert at the Sony Centre in Toronto starring Roy Orbison. Yes, the man has been dead since 1988, so he role was performed by a hologram. There was a live band with Roy’s hologram out front–and the ghostly image even interacted with the band during the show.

This is the question: Would you pay money to see such a show? And if so, who would you want to see?

For example, what if there was a way you could see all four original Beatles perform together again? What about a full Nirvana reunion with a hologram Kurt out front? Or perhaps you’d like to mix and match, creating a band of dead superstars performing together? What if there was a way to see Michael Jackson perform with James Brown?

The technology is here and it’s getting better all the time with more deceased performers’ estates jumping on board. Meanwhile, artists who are still alive are thinking “Great. Now I have to compete with dead people.”

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly survey: Would you go see a gig starring at hologram? And if so, who would it have to be?

  • Watching the Beatles performance on hologram would be fantastic. Elvis Presley would be excellent too.I would love it.?

  • No thanks. I wouldn’t want to pay concert ticket prices to see what amounts to a band playing along with pre-recorded video of the front man/singer.

    Remember the fuss when people realized Britney Spears had a vocal backing track? Lip synching at live concert – “blasphemy!” they cried.. These people paid hard earned money to watch pop stars sing perfectly while performing elaborate dance routines.

    I’ll stick with the fully alive live acts thanks.

  • Hendrix for sure!

  • I saw last nights’ show so I can share an informed opinion…I found it to be fascinating to watch for a few songs, then he vanished in a puff of smoke…literally. Funny, odd, unnerving…creepy.
    Rest of the show glow Roy seemed to repeat guitar playing and lip syncing.
    And now I know, I will never waste money on that kind of show again.
    I paid less money to see live Elton John…
    Live shows only for me.

  • I would pay maybe $100 or so to see Elvis, Michael Jackson or the Beatles like this but not much more

  • I would love to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr perform with holograms of John lLennon and George Harrison!!


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