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This Weird Al Yankovic Collection Comes in the Best (Worst?) Box EVER

When I was a kid, my parents allowed me to choose which musical instrument I wanted to turn. Did I pick the guitar? Drums? The piano? Violin?

No. I inexplicably picked…the accordion. Yes, of my own free will.

But I was young with a still-underdeveloped brain and obviously incapable of making important life decisions. Still, while my considerable squeezebox talents (and yes, I became quite good) failed to pull any chicks (surprise!) my 3-reed 120-bass Titano was my introduction to playing music and music theory.

By the time I was 15 or so, I realized that there was no such thing as an accordion hero in the world of rock, so I sold the Titano and used the money to add to my new drumkit.

A few years later, Weird Al Yankovic appeared. He, too, played the accordion but somehow managed to make a living at it. A good living. Millions of dollars worth of living. Maybe I should have hung on to the Titano. I could’ve been a star!

Back to Weird Al. He has a new vinyl box set available for Christmas and it comes in what may be the grandest box ever conceived by the music industry. (Via EW, obviously.)

Is it too late for me to get back to the accordion game?

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