Weird music alert: Isolated audio of Paul McCartney “playing” vegetables

Paul McCartney must be the world’s most famous vegetarian. And now there’s this.

When the Welsh band Super Furry Animals were recording their 2001 album, Rings Around the World, they mustered up the courage to call The Cute Beatle to ask if he might contribute something to the record. After all, SFA had been involved in the Liverpool Sound Academy, which was a Macca initiative. McCartney, grateful for SFA’s help, agreed.

At first, he was going to join the band in the studio but for some reason bowed out. Instead, he worked remotely, with the band sending him some backing tracks to work with. When the tapes came back, the band eagerly listened to what Macca had sent back. It wasn’t what they expected.

Instead of a vocal or some kind of instrumental bit, the recording began with a message in a really bad Welsh accent followed by a cheerful “I hope you like it!” Then came about a minute of nothing but McCartney munching on carrots and celery.

It wasn’t…conventional, but hey, it was a Beatle contribution. So the band used the chewing on the album. Wouldn’t you?

Now with the 20th-anniversary edition of Rings Around the World coming on September 3, SFA decided to offer up McCartney’s vegetable solo as an isolated track. Please enjoy what SFA is calling the “Maccapella Celery” solo.

This, however, was not new for McCartney. If you go back to the Beach Boys’ 1967 album, Smiley Smile, there’s a track called “Vegetables.” It’s alleged that Macca chewed celery on that recording, too, although that’s never been verified.

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