What does Facebook have against Taylor Hawkins tributes?

Earlier this week, I posted a story on this site about how the Rockin’ 1000, that Foo Fighters-obsessed collective in Italy, performed a tribute to Taylor Hawkins in Milan. I’ve got things set up to anything that goes up here is automatically cross-posted on Facebook for maximum coverage.

This morning (April 29), I got this message from Facebook. Apparently, Facebook/Meta’s algorithms consider something like this spam. WFT?

What does Facebook have against Taylor Hawkins tributes?

This post will be automatically cross-posted, too, as soon as I hit “publish.” Let’s see what happens.

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8 thoughts on “What does Facebook have against Taylor Hawkins tributes?

  • In light of everything they push without a second glance, this is impressive. I’m also sure they’d wouldn’t complain if you paid them. Man, I SO dislike Facebook.

  • Related…I also found out you can’t sell tickets on FB marketplace earlier in the week. Same with Kijiji. Wonder how much LiveNation paid for that?

  • I did a Taylor Tribute track and FB (so far) hasn’t taken it down!”

    *strobe light warning!*

  • We have entered the Taylor Hawkins twilight zone. RHCP performed in New Orleans with his wife and DG there. Movement. The oddities, like FB, however, prevail and add to the enigma. It’s a studio 666 like wandering ghost of halted information and control.

  • Twilight Zone indeed. Complete control of any and all information that comes out about Taylor Hawkins. Who is controlling this? The rest of the Foos pretty much go into hiding since March 25th, then emerge with RHCP, then go back into hiding without so much as one word about their lost bandmate. What on earth is going on?

  • Alan,
    What is your take away at this time of the smoke and mirrors? Did anyone you know get the slightest glimpse of Dave or Taylor’s wife Alison at any Jazz Fest gigs?

    Fans have been left hurt and struggling to be patient, completely polite and understanding. So many musicians/celebrities of the highest caliber have released personal tributes. No public memorial? Is a public memorial appropriate six months or a year later? After the initial shock and outpouring of love, then media blackout (not trusting anyone with information or truth), and musicians/fans have had to lick their own woulds, heal and move on?

    Say there is a memorial of some sort, but no explanation of Taylor’s death. Just, wave the hand – make it go away. You asked a great question… does the public (who made the FF wealthy beyond measure) have a right to know anything because medical information is private, and normally should be?

    Young people live in a new culture of openness, inclusivity and increasing awareness of mental health issues. In fact, it’s healthy to share and de-stigmatize, and unhealthy to pretend like nothing happened 20th Century style. Health awareness of heart health issues for the devoted middle aged fans (who turn their children on to the Foos for a new fan base) would be interested. No one is salivating for a lurid drug update.

    Obviously this is a complex issue, but one that could be made more simple. It really hasn’t been that long. Tox results and all. But as time wears on, fans get worn out.

    The love is still there though for the self illuminated, humble, sexy, blond, surfy, relatable drummer boy Taylor Hawkins. We got him because he sat in the background, literally beating his heart out for rock n roll, all of us, and Dave. Only venturing out on stage in no-shame Walgreens tights to pay tribute to his mentors Queen. Ego-less, and a super fan, like all of us.

    He did have his own work, however. His side bands. Always working from an artistic, altruistic perspective when he got front and center. Taylor packed a lot in, in 50 years time. I don’t know that I believe in fate, but he did what he came here to do full steam and then poof, passed Earth like a fire tailed comet the old school way of rock n roll legends.

  • Like a fire tailed comet is such a lovely way of describing Taylor Hawkins. He was supremely talented, and sadly his fire burned out way too soon.

  • Well said. The more ( or less rather!) I hear of Taylor’s passing , the more confused I remain . I’m all in for a memorial concert. However, after 5 months it seems the Foo’ s and fami!y should
    release details of Taylor’s passing before the celebration of life concerts begin.


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