What Twitter horsesh*t is being spread today?

Elon Musk overpaid for Twitter and now he’s set fire to the US$44 billion that he spent on the company. It just keeps getting worse. Let us count the ways for Monday, November 21.

  1. First, there’s a worldwide Twitter deathwatch.
  2. Musk is really, really regretting firing all those people a couple of weeks ago. Ya think?
  3. Twitter’s fate may eventually depend on Apple and Google.
  4. People are really suspicious of the poll Elon conducted regarding the reinstatement of Donald Trump. And they should be. It was totally unscientific.
  5. There’s an explosion of “verified anti-vax” accounts.
  6. This has led to a flood of fake/parody polls, some of the which are pretty funny.
  7. Here are some fun goodbye tweets.
  8. Kanye’s back and tweeting. His first message? “Shalom.” That’s rich, given the antisemitic posts that got him banned in the first place.
  9. And what about Tesla? The company may have already been on a slippery slope and the Twitter dumpster fire isn’t helping.

Perhaps South Park’s Cartman has the best parting shot.

Alan Cross

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2 thoughts on “What Twitter horsesh*t is being spread today?

  • November 21, 2022 at 11:10 am

    Twitter…blah blah blah…Facebook…blah blah blah…Twitch…blah blah blah…Slack…blah blah blah…Truth Social…blah blah blah…MySpace…blah blah blah…

  • November 21, 2022 at 11:51 am

    It Is The Beginning Of The End For Tesla….

    I think of Tesla the same way i think of RIM (Blackberry), superior products that were the first of their class, often inventing the class itself!

    Tesla was the first commercially viable and fully formed electric car for the mass market, the Blackberry line was the first commercially viable and fully formed Smartphones for the mass market. Both led the way and spawned global imitators who eventually made better products for the same price or better.

    Both will get squeezed out, both will evolve into something else, Tesla will just take longer to fade away.


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