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What would a day be without a summary of the Twitter sh*tshow?

The Twitter death watch(?) continues. Here’s the latest madness from Elon–and just be thankful you don’t have this guy for a boss. How does someone go so quicky from being Tony Stark to Dr. Evil?

Twitter isn’t paying its bills

Twitter has apparently stopped paying rent on some of its office leases. Some vendors have gone unpaid since Elon’s takeover in October. And it’s possible that he’s looking at not paying severance. Merry Christmas!

Elon is promoting QAnon now

He’s now urging people to “follow the white rabbit,” QAnon code that justifies their whacko-ness. There’s more, too.

The Trumpification of Elon Musk

This article in Wired makes a good point. Why are we giving Musk so much oxygen? He just wants the attention, right? Meanwhile, Telsa, a brand that was first embraced by left-leaning people, has become a politicized brand. Liberals are bailing on the brand and conservatives are jumping aboard. If this keeps up, Musk will be the My Pillow Guy of the automotive industry.

Maybe Elon should be paying more attention to Tesla

As of yesterday, Tesla stock is down 54% since he took over Twitter. And Telsa is losing EV market share fast. If I’m a shareholder or a member of the Tesla board, I’m pissed. And wasn’t he just spouting off about Telsa going bankrupt as recently as June? Oh, right. He was.

And here’s more on the dissolution of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council

This is insane.

@mor10web #elon dissolved the #twitter #trust and #safety ♬ original sound – The Mor10 of the Web

There’s “free speech” and “Elon’s free speech”

Twitter has suspended an account that tracks the movements of Elon’s private jet.

Notice any changes to your Twitter feed?

They’re there. You just to have to look for them. We are seeiing different things. And users may be forced to let Twitter sell their data.

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3 thoughts on “What would a day be without a summary of the Twitter sh*tshow?

  • shakes head in tulips…..

  • So glad that I dumped my Twitter account. Now I just need to convince the Musk Fan Boy at work that his hero is really a zero.

    • Anyone who needs convincing at this juncture is… not worth convincing… IMO


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