Whatever You’re Paying for Data on Your Phone, It’s Too Much

I seethe every time I look at my mobile phone bill. I’m paying HOW MUCH for 5GB of data each month?

And it’s not just our imagination. Canadians pay some of the highest data rates in the world. How high? Take a look at this chart to see how much data other nations get for 30 euros (about $42 CAD). At least we’re not Portugal…

You will find more statistics at Statista

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One thought on “Whatever You’re Paying for Data on Your Phone, It’s Too Much

  • Having previously worked in the telecom industry for a major cable provider, I can tell you this few-year-old map plays the biggest part in why:

    The red areas contain 50% of the country’s population. Every other country in that list has significantly more density for their network to cover. Look at the size of SK and its population. It costs big money to implement any kind of network, even more when it’s wireless. When I was still in the industry, my employer spent almost half a billion dollars to upgrade the cable network (no antennae required) in one major city. That was just an upgrade.

    Long story short, I’m not happy we pay more, but I understand why we do.


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