What’s this about Microsoft forcing users to adopt Spotify?

If there’s one thing computer users hate it’s being told what applications to use or being forced to use apps they don’t want. Now there’s evidence that Microsoft is mysteriously installing Spotify with Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs.

Some users report that the Spotify icon is showing up unbidden in the Taskbar. Such installs aren’t without precedent, either. The Microsoft Store has been known to give you apps you don’t ask for.

A bug? Hardly. This could be a security flaw. Makes you think of the time Apple forced a U2 album on all iTunes users.

I already have Spotify on all my devices, so I won’t be affected by any unwanted installations. Have you see this happen to your PC? If so, let me know in the comments.

(Thanks to Tom for the tip.)

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5 thoughts on “What’s this about Microsoft forcing users to adopt Spotify?

  • Spotify was already installed on my laptop, but I had never used it on that device. In a recent Windows Update the settings changed to open it on start up. I just shut that off.

    I suspect something similar happened on a laptop my husband was using. I don’t know if Spotify was installed on that one or not, but my husband showed up questioning if my daughter or I had installed Spotify on his computer, because it was now opening when he started the computer.

  • I just bought a new windows 11 laptop and yes, it does want to make Spotify live on my taskbar. I just turned off the app in my list of apps that start when you log in (settings) and that fixed it. I suspect I might have to repeat that after windows updates, but who knows?

  • Well, this certainly explains why Spotify has been popping up every time I’ve booted up my PC over the last week or so. I don’t really use Spotify, so I just assumed it’d always been there but was only now craving my attention for some reason. I just close the window and go about my business; no biggie…

  • Yeah, it started appearing on my taskbar on startup about two weeks ago. Just went to ‘Add/Remove programs’ and removed it. Like I used to do for many people who had the poor judgement of buying an hp product loaded with unwanted software.


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