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What’s Your Blizzard Playlist? Here Are 9 Songs to Start You Off

It is very white outside my office window today.  So white that it hurts.  No one in the neighbourhood is moving because of this damn snow.  

Frankie MacDonald got it right.  (Don’t worry; he gets to his winter forecast after he yells at us about drinking water during September.)

Time for a snow day playlist.


1.  It’s Immaterial, “Driving Away from Home (Wicked Weather for Walking)”

Produced (and later disowned for some reason) by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads, this pretty much sums up the situation in eastern parts of North America today.


2.  Nick Cave, “Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow”

Yep, that’s what’s comin’.


3.  Tori Amos, “Winter”

For those who like to ride out snowstorms by the fireplace with a glass of chardonnay.


4.  Nada Surf, “The Blizzard of ’77”

That was a bad one.  People still talk about it.  Today is predicted to be almost as bad.


5.  The Walkmen, “The Blizzard of ’96”

Another bad one.


6.  Alexisonfire, “Crisis”

Another nod to ’77.  Let me translate:

The temperature’s through the floor
Your fingers are turning black.
There’s a crisis knocking at your door!
(One nine seven seven, one nine seven seven)

You’d better try to make it home.
The snow is getting too deep to drive.
Your car might be your coffin.
(One nine seven seven, one nine seven seven)

We’re never going to see the summer
This season’s coming long and hard.
Yeah, this town is going under.
This season’s going to kill us all.

Count the snow flakes, little children.
Count them as they bury you alive.
Count them as they choke the road ways.
A blizzard’s coming in the year punk died.
(One nine seven seven)


7.  Galaxie 500, “Listen, The Snow is Falling”

A little different from the Alexisonfire…


8.  JJ72, “Snow”

And while we’re being mellow about the weather…


9.  Genesis, “Snowbound”

Pre-Collins-as-frontman stuff, so it’s cool.  Ish. 

Hey there’s a Snowman
Hey, hey what a Snowman
Pray for the Snowman
Ooh, ooh what a Snowman
They say a snow year’s a good year
Filled with the love of all who lie so deep

Okay, maybe not.

What else should be on this playlist?

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