Who is the Top-Earning Woman in Music This Year? (Hint: Don’t Pick Taylor Swift)

First, let’s be very clear: lists like this are just estimates made by outsiders so their accuracy is…somewhat specious. It was just a few weeks ago, for example, that stories circulated on Taylor Swift’s $1 million a day income. Now, there’s a new list that busts Taylor’s earnings down to less than a quarter of that.

Forbes–the magazine for people who love money–have issued their estimates for the top-earning women in music. It shakes out like this.

Katy Perry ($135 million)
Taylor Swift ($80 million)
Fleetwood Mac ($59.5 million) (A bit odd, given that only two-thirds of the band are women, but nevermind…)
Lady Gaga ($59 million)
Beyonce ($54.5 million)
Britney Spears ($31 million)
Jennifer Lopez ($28.5 million)
Miranda Lambert ($28.5 million)
Mariah Carey ($27 million)
Rihanna ($26 million)

Interesting that both Madonna and Celine Dion aren’t here, no? And Madonna’s current tour has already grossed nearly $50 million USD so far.

(Via Music.News.Com)

Alan Cross

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