September 30, 2023

Will the New iPhone 5 Work in Your Car?

Uh, maybe not.  The new 9-pin connector could case interface havoc for those who routinely plug their iPhones into their cars so they can listen to audio. explains why:

 Apple is offering a connector so that users can achieve backwards compatibility with all their investments over the years, but it may not work with all devices.

That means there’s a chance your vehicle, which supports the 30-pin connector, will not work with Apple’s new-generation of devices – even with the conversion adapter. The reason being is that the Lightning connector is a full, all-digital connector. And despite Apple saying that the adapter will offer analog audio output, USB audio output, and iPhone/iPod syncing and charging capabilities, the adapter doesn’t support iPod Video Out or its iPod Out protocol.

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One thought on “Will the New iPhone 5 Work in Your Car?

  • The day has finally come and I hope this really helps people realize how Apple's been screwing them all these years leading them down the proprietary path. Why didn't they just use USB? The answer is simple: greed. It helps with product lock in (folks invest in all the complimentary gadgets so they don't want to switch) but also it helps prevent side-loading of content. God forbid you should load some music or videos on there without going via iTunes where there's a good chance you will buy from the iStore.

    Granted there was the change from mini to micro but there are adapters galore for those and they will work just fine.

    Before folks run out like sheep to buy the iPhone 5, I seriously suggest taking the Samsung Galaxy SIII for a test drive. It is a far superior device and is less expensive…


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