How Will Trump Affect the Russian Music Industry. (I Wonder If Putin Will Care?)

Even if you paid little attention to the recent presidential election in the United States, you’re probably aware of Donald Trump’s connection to Russia. With Trump winning the presidency, Russian music business insiders are split on what exactly the impact will be on the Russian music industry.

From Billboard:

“While several senior officials and legislators have expressed hopes that Trump’s presidency would lead to the improving of relations between Russia and the United States, which are probably at the lowest point since the end of the Cold War, people in the music sector are less certain”.

Some doubt that Trump’s election will have little impact on the Russian music industry, let alone change the minds of artists who refuse to perform in the country entirely. President of the promoter NCA Michael Shurygin comments that it is very unlikely for musicians who feel that there have been human rights abuses in the country to change their minds. Artists who have shown their support will continue to do so.

Other entertainment industry insiders, such as Elena Moiseenko, booking director of ArtMania agency, disagree with Shurygin’s assessment. Moiseenko believes that if there is no longer any anti-Russian propaganda, she sees no reason why a musician would refuse to play for a large audience in Russia.

If the relationship between the two countries improves, Russia’s overall economy could be positively affected. In turn, that would definitely help to improve the country’s music industry. With an improved economy, the population looks for more entertainment, president of Culture T.C.I Eduard Ratnikov says. The most likely outcome of Trump’s presidency to benefit Russia would be the lifting of sanctions placed on the Eastern European country in 2014 over the annexation of Crimea and supporting pro-Russian rebels in East Ukraine.

As for more musicians playing concerts? That’s hard to say, and will probably be up to the musician’s discretion.

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