How to Win an Award: Become a Canadian Musician

Earlier today I posted two stories about some upcoming music awards.  And let’s not forget that we have the Juno Awards coming up later this month.

If it seems that this nation is awash in programs that seek to honour our musicians and their musical accomplishments, you’re not far off.  We do have a lot of these things.  A lot.

Danko Jones reminded me of this story he posted at The Huffington Post last year.

Seems like everyone furnishes their place at Ikea. No matter whose home I visit, I end up seeing Ikea book shelves, tables, drawers, futons, lamps, rugs, towels and pillow cases. Despite it being an inexpensive depot for novice homeowner/renters it can get pretty damn boring. In order to separate yourself from the rest of the heap, there needs to be some distinguishing pieces of furniture. Wallspace allows for framed photos or tasteful artwork to be hung. Coffee and side tables allow for smaller accessories like picture frames, lamps, candles, plants, statues or discerning hardcover books to be arranged. But to really set yourself apart from everyone, awards must be displayed, be them plaques, trophies, ribbons, badges or statuettes. How do you procure such distinctions if you only have a modicum of talent? Join the Canadian music biz.I honestly can’t tell you the exact number of distinct music award ceremonies there are in Canada because I lost count at 33, that’s not even counting the award galas that honour “the arts” which end up usually distributing token prizes to music too. Nor does it count the “reader’s polls” of various monthlies, weeklies and dailies across the country.

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